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Aussfirm Partners is a capital formation entity created specifically for the purpose of aggregating and connecting accredited private investors and institutional investors with quality Oil & Gas Opportunities and Operators. As one of the leading oil & gas investment companies, our team currently evaluates Oil & Gas projects from seasoned operators in the lower Australia and Canada. Each project is selected through a process that focuses on and looks for ROI as well as certain niche plays other firms might overlook while following the herd mentality of the energy business. Aussfirm Partners relies on its internal team with over decades of Oil & Gas experience to select solid and worthwhile opportunities for capital formation and participation.

What are the Tax Deductions for Oil Investments?

Oil investors receive an allocation of Intangible Drilling Costs (IDC), which includes everything except the actual drilling equipment. These expenses are deductible in the year incurred. Oil Investors can deduct tangible drilling costs, those costs directly related to the cost of the drilling equipment, as long as they are depreciated over seven years.


Is a Royalty Interest or Working Interest Better?

A royalty interest means you lease rather than sell your mineral rights to the land. You don’t have any control over the drilling or exploration process, but you also won’t have to worry about any liability or maintaining equipment. A working interest has a greater chance for financial gain than a royalty interest. Investing in wells currently in production is safer than exploratory drilling.

There is a strong global need for oil. When investing, it is important to work with a company with long-term patterns of security. Don’t look for quick trends in the market, but instead work with a company that has proven to always come out on top.

The most common ways to invest in oil include mutual funds and ETFs, stock and ADRs, futures contracts, and micro-cap stocks. While the most common types of oil investments include exploration, developing, income, and services. The financial advantages of oil investing include diversification, profit potential and tax breaks.

Tax advantages include deductions for tangible drilling costs, intangible drilling costs, lease costs, and depletion allowance for small producers are just a few examples. The upside of an oil investment is that it can last for many years as the oil well produces.

Aussfirm Partners has been facilitating capital formation and management within the energy industry.

Oil Investment Opportunities

If you choose to invest in oil and gas, you have the potential for a lifetime of returns on investments and tax deductions. Because the federal government allows oil investors to deduct taxes during the oil well development process, now is the time to invest in an oil and gas well company.

Benefits of Oil Well Investments

When you take advantage of oil and gas investment opportunities, you have the potential to reap financial rewards. Benefits of oil exploration investments include:

  • Passive income: One of the most significant advantages of investing in oil exploration is enjoying monthly revenue checks and potential returns — sometimes within 90 days of the initial investment. You’ll also enjoy long-term residual income benefits.
  • Tax deductions: In supporting domestic investors in participating in oil and gas investment opportunities, the federal government provides tax relaxation benefits. Depletion allowances, tangible drilling cost deductions, and intangible drilling cost deductions are just some of the many oil and gas investment tax incentives.
  • Technological advancements: Due to breakthroughs in oil and gas technology in recent years, we now have the vehicles, machinery, and tools necessary to access crude oil in record time.
  • Market fluctuations: If you choose to invest in oil exploration, you won’t have to worry about fluctuating stocks or gold prices — oil production is not tied to stocks and bonds.
  • Why Choose Aussfirm Partners?

    For over decades, our team at Aussfirm Partners has been facilitating capital formation and management within the energy industry.

    As one of the leading oil and gas companies, we’re committed to offering investment opportunities to help you generate cash flow, provide beneficial tax deductions, and encourage multiple returns on investment.

    Our primary mission is to provide an above average R.O.I and still maintain low risk at minimal operating cost. We acquire and produce oil and natural gas throughout the Australia Bass Energy Exploration and its partners are seeking active investors for our exploration projects. This allows all participants the ability to diversify their investment portfolio over multiple drilling and production projects resulting in a positive investment experience for everyone. Our basic investment strategy comes down to mitigated risk assessment and multiple well development drilling programs.

    Other advantages to choosing us as your oil exploration investment company are:

    • Mineral ownership and package opportunities: Aussfirm Partners’ elite team has access to some of the most compelling mineral tracts in the business.
    • Excellent leasehold program opportunities: Our team has gathered years of know-how when it comes to energy leasehold value and inefficient markets.
    • Direct participation oil and gas well working interests: Our team partners with operators that are well-known for using the latest drilling technology for maximum yields.