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    Unlock the value in every dimension of your real estate with integrated, data-led services that support your overall business strategy.

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    Agro Farming

    Agro-Invest contributes to a viable and sustainable agricultural sector and socio-economic development by mobilizing finance, promoting investment and by providing marketing intelligence, land, infrastructure and support services.

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    Aussfirm Partners

    With abundant and diverse mineral and energy resources, a sophisticated equipment, technology and services industry, and proximity to growth markets in Asia, Australia, Aussfirm offers a broad range of investment opportunities in the resources, agricbusiness, engineering, oil and energy sector.

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    Mining is critical to securing the minerals essential for everyday life and essential to be able to build renewable energy projects. The mining industry produces the primary products required for the generation, distribution and delivery of renewable energy.

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    Oil & Gas

    We believe our partner-friendly approach to Oil and Gas Investment Opportunities and unparalleled dedication to communication set us apart from other companies.

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    Aussfirm Partners

    We are the global leader in commercial real estate services, Oil & Gas, Mining, Agro Fariming and investments. With services, insights and data that span every dimension of the industry, we create solutions for clients of every size, in every sector and across every geography.

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Sustainable Construction

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We bring the diverse knowledge of our people, clients, and partners to realize potential in every business and every person.

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    Minimizing the environmental impact of the built environment is both a responsibility and an opportunity. We’re making proactive decisions to ensure a sustainable future.

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    Corporate Responsibility

    We take great pride in our reputation for upholding the highest standards in the way we do business.

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    Mission & Values

    Our mission is to realize the potential of our clients, professionals and partners by building the investment solutions of the future. From instilling confidence in today’s decisions to re-imagining tomorrow’s spaces, we thrive in complex and ever-changing environments.


  • Minimum Entry: $100
  • Weekly ROI 4.7%-10.5%
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  • Minimum Entry: $20,000
  • Weekly ROI 9.5%-19.4%
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  • Minimum Entry: $200,000
  • Weekly ROI 21%-43%
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Bringing Your Ideas and Innovations to Life

We lead by example, guided by the needs of the cities we inhabit, the communities we build and the world we live in.

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The Process of Working with Us

We wouldn't do anything with your money that we wouldn't do with our own! We participate at the same level as our investors. No carried working interest, low operating expenses.

  • Respect

    We act with consideration for others’ ideas and share information openly to inspire trust and encourage collaboration.

  • Integrity

    No one individual, no one deal, no one client, is bigger than our commitment to our company and what we stand for.

  • Service

    We approach our clients’ challenges with enthusiasm and diligence, building long-term relationships by connecting the right people, capital and opportunities.

  • Excellence

    We focus relentlessly on creating winning outcomes for our clients, employees and shareholders.