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As a leading, fully integrated agriculture investment manager, our experience, size, and scale allow us to access a wider array of markets, reduce operating risk, and provide low-cost, high-quality asset management. As a responsible steward of farmland, we produce sustainable food and fiber, and we seek to operate in a way that improves the environment, nourishes communities, empowers our people, and delivers performance for our clients.

Our approach to Sustainable Investing

We believe sustainable investing creates long-term value for our stakeholders while helping realize a sustainable trajectory for the global economy.


Across all asset classes, we're committed to continuing to integrate ESG analysis in investment and operating activities. We believe that identifying and assessing material sustainability factors help us protect and enhance the value of the assets we invest in, own, and operate. Our integration strategy extends to our efforts to engage with investee companies to gather information, mitigate ESG-related challenges, and enhance ESG-related opportunities.


We partner with our clients to understand their needs and create tailored solutions to help meet them. With leading capabilities across public and private markets, we help investors by understanding and managing risks and by helping them make the most of the investment possibilities around them.

Agribusiness is recognised as a future wave of economic growth,where Australian advantage meets global opportunity. To achieve globally competitive economies of scale within the industry, there is growing recognition of the need for international partnerships, industry consolidation and reconfiguration of supply chains.

The Aussfirm has a long and proud history in agriculture on both sides of the family. The Group is committed to investing in local rural communities, developing and implementing innovative, industry-leading farming practices and driving export quality and growth.

With global food demand booming, Australia is ideally placed to become a premium food supplier and a long-term partner of choice in food security. To help its agribusiness and food sector scale-up and make the most of growth opportunities, Australia is keen to attract investment in innovation, agriculture production incorporating food and fibre products, and advanced food processing.

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring the agribusiness and food sector is globally competitive. The agricultural competitiveness white paper and the white paper on developing northern Australia set out practical measures to build more competitive supply chains, provide the infrastructure needed to support growth, invest in research that drives productivity growth and open new overseas markets.

International investment in Australia’s agriculture and food is growing as Australia capitalises on the high demand for its safe, premium food products and creates stronger ties into regional supply chains.